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Everything about false lash

                         Everything about false eyelash


Eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger, fuller and more appealing. Here’s how to apply fake lashes safely and easily.Sometimes it’s fun to go for glamour with false eyelashes.

Price:There's a lot of variation in prices of eyelash.I have bought few strip lashes ranges from 350 to 500 tk.You can get eyelash in any cosmatic stores.

Types of lashes:
Let's check out the types of eyelashes first. 

1.Individual Lashes:


Individual eyelashes create a natural look. You need to look closer and more thoroughly to see that in fact these little pieces are false. The synthetic strands are placed between the natural lashes to make it denser and defined.

Apply these similarly to strip lashes, using the special glue designed to fix it on your skin.

The only drawback of this useful invention is that you'll need to be an expert to place it properly.Any mistake will mess up the look.

In fact it was created for those who would like to add a special flair to their natural beauty, completing the dashing effect.

2.Strip Lashes:( The most used lash)

This is the widely used lash.For a dramatic look with smokey or heavy eyemakeup this type of lash is used.See the picture how nicely the eyelash is used.

For a dramatic effect consider strip eyelashes. The eyelash set is applied to the lashline,fixing it with the glue.
Indeed the effect might seem a bit artificial, contrary to the individual ones. However it is  easier to handle and offers a dramatic makeover to your look. 

3.Three-quarter strip lashes:

These lashes are hard to find, but look amazing. They give the effect that all your lashes are more directed to the external corner of your eyes. It looks well either, when you know how to mascara your eyes correctly and apply eyeliner and shadows right.
4.Lower lashes:

Many women prefer to avoid using this type of lashes widely, thinking they are always seen to be false. Yes, they might be seen if you apply them incorrectly. But if you know and are able to do that right you will have nice lower lashes and nobody will know they are not natural!
So, girls and ladies, with the Valentine’s Day around the corner, I hope this article will be helpful for you to create a really special magnificent look of yours.

Choosing the right lashes for you:
1. Let your eye makeup be your guide. If you're going for a smoky eye, then you need a dark, dramatic set of lashes, otherwise they won't show up. Basically, the darker the eye makeup, the darker your lashes should be. 

2. If you want to open up your eyes or have wide-set eyes, look for lashes that are longer in the center. 

3. If you have close-set eyes, look for lashes that are longer at the outer corners to make the distance look wider. 

4. If you want a more natural look with just some lift, try a half-strip of lashes and apply them on the outer half of your eyes. 

5. Look for lashes that vary in length for a more natural look. Lashes that are all one length and stick straight up will give you a mod '60s look -- which is fine if that's what you're going for, otherwise it can look dated and fake.
Color of lashes :

For the evening,stick to black or dark brown if you have pale lashes. These add drama without requiring mascara!

In the daytime, go dark brown (light brown or blond if you have pale lashes) for a natural look.

How to put eyelashes:

step 1 : gather your tools:

1. False eyelashes ,2. Glue,3. Tweezers or an applicator tool

step 2 : putting lashes :

1. Before using the glue, apply the lashes to your lids to see how they fit. The strips should be the same length as your natural lash line. If they're not, trim a bit off the ends to get the right length.

2. Hold out your false lash strip and apply a thin line of glue at the base. 

3. Wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky; it will keep your lashes from sliding around on your lids. 

4.Before applying pull up your eyes by other hand.

5. Use your fingers or tweezers/applicator to press the lashes into the base of your lash line. Start at your outer corners and work your way in. Gently press down to keep the glue from bubbling up. 

6. Give the glue about two minutes to dry, then curl your lashes (real and fake together) with your eyelash curler. This will get the strip even closer to the lash line and help mesh your real lashes with the fake ones for a more natural look. Plus, it reduces the tension on your eyelids and makes them feel more comfy.

Avoiding false lash pitfalls :


1. Pay attention to symmetry. You want your lashes on each eye to start and end at the same point on your lash line. Remember that you can always trim lashes if they're too big for your eyes. 

2. Don't let your lashes droop, or you'll have the Paris Hilton, lazy-eye action going on. Curling them will help. 

3. If you plan on reusing your strip of lashes (individual ones usually can't be reused), then don't apply mascara to them. Just use a more dramatic pair so you don't need additional mascara on the false lashes. If your lashes are light, just apply mascara to your natural lashes first.

Removing and cleaning eyelashes:

What you'll need:

- eye makeup remover olive oil
- clean container
- cotton swab
- tissue
- tweezers
- lash comb

To Remove:

Step 1: Take the cotton swab and put your eye makeup remover of choice or the olive oil . Make sure it's not soaking wet, this stuff will get in your eye.


Step 2: Dab and swipe some eye makeup remover along where the lashbone of your false lashes on your lids. Try to avoid your eye as much as possible. Using a cotton swab, as opposed to rubbing a cotton ball, will help maintain the shape of your falsies.


Step 3: Let it the eye makeup remover sit for a while and let it work.


Step 4: After a few minutes, you can pull your falsies starting from the outer lid. Your false eye lashes should come off easily. If not, repeat step 2 and 3.


To Clean:

Step 1: Put your lashes in a clean container, and soak it a bit with your eye makeup can use a soapy water.


Step 2: Let your lashes soak in your eye makeup remover for a bit.


Step 3: Then take your falsies out of the container, and while holding where the lash hairs are, gently pull off the glue on a lash bone using a tweezer. Or you can wipe your lashes off with tissue in the direction away from the hair of your fake lashes to get the glue out. The glue should be really soft enough and less sticky that it won't tug any hair off.

Step 4: Let your lashes dry on top of a clean tissue. Groom it with a lash comb if necessary. Then store it back to the packaging after it has completely dried. And you're done!


so no more worries.... ladies.. use lashes n look gorgeous !!!  good luck :-*

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