Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lipstick types

                                                    Lipstick types

Frost Lipstick :

Frosted lipstick contains ingredients that add glamor to the lipstick colour.It gives a pale and a metallic appearance. Frost lipstick give opaque coverage and woman with mature lips may find it drying and most of the time it end up showing every wrinkle possible.

Sheer Lipstick :

Sheer lipstick are made with very less tint and in terms of packaging they look quiet similar  any other tinted lipstick.If one is wearing an opaque lipstick then it will completely conceal the natural colour of the lips where as sheer lipstick in red will add some shine to the lips and natural colour.

Creme Lipstick :

They are very creamy and contain more oil which makes them very ligh.They are quite moisturizing and hydrating and gives a dewy look to the lips  With this feel smooth to the lips as well but because of the oil content in them they do not lasts for as long and requires reapplication.Creme lipstick looks gives the even tone to the lips when used with a lip brush.It is one of the most versatile lipstick.

Matte Lipstick :

Matte Lipstick are knows to last all day long but there is no shine in them but long-lasting nature of matte lipstick gives a drying effect to the skin.Like frosty lipstick matte lipstick too are not preferred by older women who tends to have dry and wrinkled lips.Matte lipstick doesn’t   look flattering on the chapped lips and one needs to exfoliate their lips before using them.

Satin Lipstick :

These lipstick are neither creamy nor matte and has  non drying formula.

Liquid Stain Lipstick :

Liquid stain gives a sheer finish which do not change much colour of the natural lip colour.

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