Friday, December 23, 2011

Map of eye for Eyemakeup

                                        Map of eye for Eyemakeup

While going through various eye makeup tutorial we come up with various words.Here s some tips , after reading this you will never get confused with those words & instructions :

-For the lid section, it refers to the entire lid area colored in light pink (it can also extend to the outer V area). 
-The sections labeled upper lashlinewaterline, and lower lashline are areas where you can line your eye with an eye pencil, gel liner, or even eye shadow.
-The inner corner and tear duct are great places to put a white shimmery color to brighten up the eyes.
-The brow bone is to highlight .
-Outer V is to smoke up your eyes.

Hope this map is gonna help you to do eye makeup with more confidence.

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