Friday, December 23, 2011

Rocking Red Lips

                                                    Rocking Red Lips

Red lipcolor is a classic trend of makeup . It has been in vogue since its beginning and shows no signs of retiring yet.There are many new fashion trends of makeup like nude lip color etc.But women in red lips are always sensual.
Its not necessary that you will have to be fair skinned for putting red lipcolor.I believe red is the only color that goes perfect with all skin type & texture.You just need to find out the right red color.

Look at the following picture.Red is admiring all the skin tone.

Red lipcolor family :

Red lipcolor for different tones:

How to choose perfect red lipstick?

First of all , Apply the red lipstick on your upper lip. Now look into a mirror. If the shade of red is darker than your lower lip, it will suit you well. If not, then this red is not for your skin tone.

Various colors for various skin tone :

Fair skinned ladies should look for- blue-based reds like plums, berry, crimson or cherry instead of shocking red. Some picture so that you can find the right one for you.
A plum red color :

A berry red lip color :
A crimson red color it tends to tomato red almost :

A cherry red color :
taylor swift wearing cherry red lipstick at vma :

True reds like scarlett, cherry will pop up beautifully against medium complexion. Try to stay away from orange-based reds as it will make you look too pale.
A scarlett red :

Dark-skinned women should go for warmer and deeper shades of red like burgundy, brick, cranberry, sangria, garnet etc. Gold-based and orange-based reds will also go great with dark skin.
A burgandy is not perfectly red but it is included 
in red lip color family :
Jennifer hudson wearing burgandy lip color:

A Brick red color on rihanna :

A cranberry red very close to brick red :
(following 2 pictures)

A sangria red lip color :

A garnet red color :

How to put on red lipstick :

-Exfoliate your lips and then moisturize them well before using red.
-Apply foundation on your lips. This will make a smooth base for you to apply on the lipstick. Be sure to apply it also evenly on your face and around your lips.
-After the foundation has dried, outline your lips with a lipliner. Doing so will prevent your lipstick from bleeding at the edges. You wouldn't want to look like a clown when that happens. Also, make sure that the lipliner matches your lip color.
-The next steps involve the lipstick application. You must apply the lipstick twice so that the red color will last long. In the first application, you need to blot your lips after with a tissue. Then, re-apply the second layer to achieve that long-lasting effect. When you apply your lipstick, it is best to use a lipbrush. You must first apply the color to the center of your lips and then brush it toward the edges. 
-Pair your red lipstick with red nails .
-Keep the rest of the makeup natural and simple. Let your lips be the focus.

Hope you are gonna rock your lips by red.Good luck. <3

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