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Uses of different MAKEUP BRUSHES for EYE MAKEUP

Uses of different MAKEUP BRUSHES for EYE MAKEUP

Before seeing the brushes,you should check this post to know the names of eye areas.

1.Eye shadow sponge applicator:

This is the most common makeup tool.Comes with the eyeshadow pallettes.Also available in different shapes.This sponge is used to apply the shadow just the upper lid.Its very difficult to shape up the ey shadow by this sponge applicator.

2.Eye shadow brush:

These brushes are also famous for eye shadow application.The brushes are useful to apply the eye shadow in a smooth manner on the upper lids.These types of brushes gives smoother eye look than the sponge applicator i mentioned before.

Eyeshadow Crease/Pencil Brush :

These brushes are used to apply eye shadow in your creas ( area above your upper lid).See the following picture,pencil brush is used to apply the darker shade on the crease area.

These brushes give a precise & sharp application of shadows on the eye.If you use the sponge or eyeshadow brushes you might have undefined look on the lids.These brushes are domed shaped and tapered so that the brush can  fit into crease.

4.Eyeshadow Blending Brush :

Some expert do not use it.But these brushes are really helpful when you are applying different shades on eye.These brushes are used to blend the matchlines of 2 different eye shadows on the lid or brow bone.It also removes the harsh lines of eye areas.This type of brushes are not firm like eye shadow & pencil brushes.These brushes are made of soft hair.Some eye shadow pallettes supply 2 sided brush ,one side is the sponge applicator & the other side is the blending brush.

This is how it is used to blend the colours.

5. Smudge Brush :

Smudge brushes are typically flat and made of short hairs. These brushes are ideal for the following uses:
  • -Creating a rich, smoky eye.
  • -Lining and contouring the eye.
  • -Adding definition and depth to the eyelid
  • -Adding color and blending in the crease.

So the main use of this type of brushes are to create a natural look.See the picture a smudge brush is using for a smokey eye look

6. Angled Eyeshadow Shader  Brush :

This is a great tool to use for the soft line of eye shadow colour on the lower lashline. They are also ideal for adding eyeshadow to the outer-v .

7.Eyeliner Brush :

This brush har sharp soft tip which 
ensures precise, clean application of eye liner.This type of brushes are excellent for applying liquid or gel eye liner.

8.Mascara Fan Brush :

This type of brush provides clump-free, precise mascara application to the upper and lower lashes.

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