Thursday, February 23, 2012

Uses of MAKEUP BRUSHES for FACE makeup

Uses of MAKEUP BRUSHES for FACE makeup

My last post was about how to use makeup brushes for Eye makeup.Here s my new post on the uses of different makeup brushes for Facr makeup.

1.Foundation Brush:

This brushes are mainly used to apply liquid foundation.The brush is flat on both sides.This is how the brush looks :

How to use :

-Pour a small amount of foundation on the hand.
-Dip the brush the tip in the foundation.
-Make some dots of foundation on face.
-Now use the side of the brush to blend the foundation.
-Use broad, downward strokes to sweep and blend the makeup onto the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

This picture might help :

2.Concealer brush:

This brush is used to apply the concealer,helps to hide fine lines around eyes or anywhere on the face.The imperfect areas of face can be corrected by using this brush.
Heres how the brush looks :

This is how it is used to blend the concealer.

this is how it is used :

3.Bronzer Brush :

It is used to dust Bronzer on face to enhance the skin complexion & glow.
This is how the brush looks :

You can use this brush for applying bronzer in the right way.Heres the post for how to apply bronzer.

4.Blush Brush :

Heres 2 types of brushes are used widely.
One is almost like the bronzer brush :

another type is angled blush brush.I feel this brush is more helpful to apply blush on cheeks.

5.Lip brush :
This brush has a small & sharp tip.We all know about this brushes.Heres the view 

6.Highlighter Brush :

This type of brushes has many uses like - applying a small amount of blush to the cheeks,highlighting the top of the cheekbones,also used for applying bronzer & blush as well.
This is how the brush looks :

7.Kabuki Brush :

This brush has a short tail.The fibre are made really soft.This brush exactly looks like bronzer brush .It is used for applying blush,highlighting,bronzing etc.I use it for dusting off excess powder.It s also useful for applying mineral makeup.
This is how the brush looks :

These are the main types of makeup brushes.There are also other varieties.Suit yourself with your favourite ones.
The proper use of brushes makes your makeup looks more perfect & natural.Celebrity Makeup artist like LAURA
Mercier also suggests for using makeup brushes for makeup, not hands.

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