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How to do Spa Pedicure At Home

                         How to do Spa Pedicure At Home

I always try to save money from the services of beauty salons & try to do them by myself at home.Heres i am posting how I do my Spa pedicure treatment at home.

Things needed :

1.A bowl of warm water.
2.Foot wash or Any shampoo or Foaming Shower gel.
3.Salt or Epsom salt.
4.Baking Soda.
5.Pumice stone.
6.Foot Scrub.
7.Foot cream ( optional ).
8.Cuticle oil/Cuticle Cream or Vaseline.
9.Cuticle Pushing Stick.
10.Nail Cutter.
11.Nail Filer.
12.Cotton Balls.
13.Nail Polish.
14.Foot Brush.
15.Nail Brush.
16.Essential oil ( optional ) or Rose water.
17.Few Pebbles.
18.Dry & Soft Towel.
19.Lemon Juice.
20.Dettol or Any type of antiseptic.

How to do Spa Pedicure Treatment At Home :

Step 1.Cleaning Pedicure Tools:

Hygiene maintainence is the first step of any beauty care.Follow these few steps:
-Clean your pedicure brush by soapy water.
-Take antiseptic in cotton balls.Take your cutting tools like -nail cutter,nail scissors,cuticle pusher stick etc.Rub those tools by antiseptic.

Step 2: Remove the old nail Color :

Remove your old nail polish with some cotton dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 3: Trimming & Shaping Toe Nails :

Take a bowl full of slight warm water.Now just soak your feet not your legs in the water.This soaking will soften your toe nails for shaping.Now dry your feet with a towel.

First lets see how to shape toe nails properly

Use a nail cutter to cut your toe nails.

If theres any residues of nails pull them by nail scissors or nail nipper.You can pull off dead skin around nails by this.See the picture:

Now the part of filing nails.Now file your toe nails to flat the sharp tips of nails.Move the filer back & forth to flat the tips.Don't forget to flat down the corners of your nails.

Step 4 : Removing Cuticles :

Now take a cuticle pusher stick like this:

Now take cuticle oil/cream or Vaseline.Put a thick amount of vaseline on nails.Now take the pusher stick.Remove the excess cuticles of nails with it.Be careful you should pull the excess cuticle.If your nails do not have excess cuticle then just push them,do not try to pull.See the picture :

Step 5 : Foot Soak in a Spa Style :

Preparing foot soaking solution:

-Take one Basin Warm water.You can use any home container as a bowl.
-Take 2 table spoon Epsom salt.or you can use normal salt we use in cooking.
-Put 2 or 3 drops of essential oil.The best one is Lavender oil.Alternate way,you can put 1 table spoon Rose water in the bowl.
-Put 3 or 4 table spoon Lemon Juice.
-Now mix Foot wash in the solution.If you don't have a foot wash you can use any shampoo.But i personally do not like using shampoo for pedicure.I mix foaming shower gel in the solution.
-Mix everything well & prepare a warm,soapy & runny solution.

Preparing Warm Pebbles :

Put some smooth pebbles in the warm water before starting your pedicure.

Now put those pebbles in your pedicure solution.

Here's start your Foot Spa.Soak your feet in the warm soapy solution for 20 to 25 minutes.Within this time turn on your favourite music & relax.After 20 minutes towel dry your feet.

Step 6 : Exfoliating By Scrub :

Use foot scrub to exfoliate your legs' & feet's skin.I use meena herbals hand & foot scrub.Price : 100 tk.
You can use homemade scrub as well.Make scrub by rice powder,sugar,lemon juice & olive oil.Exfoliate your feet & legs' skin with the scrub to slough away dead skin cells.

Step 7 : Smoothing Heels :

For this step you need Pumice stone,Foot brush & nail brush.You can alternately use this type of pedicure brush too.See this picture :

This type of brush has pumice stone,brush,heel scrubber & heel smoother.
First,by the pumice stone rub your heels to remove the dead cells of feet.You can use single pumice stone.

Rub the pumice stone in a back & forth motion.Also rub at the side of your heels.

Now you can use the Heel scrubber & heel smoother like the pumice stone.If you feel your feet is soft after using pumice stone then you do not need to use the rest of them.

Step 8 : Washing Feet & nail : ( optional )

If you feel after using scrub you need to clean your feet then you can do this step.Take a foot brush & clean your feet by foamy shower gel.You can also clean your nails by nail brush.You can use sticks to pull out the dirts inside the nail beds.See the picture :

Use warm soapy water to clean.After overall wash,towel dry your legs & feets.

Step 9 : Moisturization :

Take a foot cream to moisturize your feet & use a body lotion to moisturize your legs.You can use Natures secret foot cream. price : 200 tk.

You can apply homemade moisturizer too.Mix almond & olive oil & apply the mixture on feet & legs.

Step 10 : Paint your Nails :

Separate your fingers by foams or you can push cotton balls between nails.Now paint your favourite nail color on nails.Let them dry.& your home spa pedicure is done !

Its a spa treatment.You can cut few steps & do a home pedicure from this tutorial.

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