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What a Girl Should have in her Purse

What a Girl Should have in her Purse

Beauty & skin care is not only for home.You might have classes, office work etc, so you need to care your skin outside too.This can be done when you have a prepared purse with you.I know girls purses are always full & heavy.Today i am suggesting what you must have in your purse.I am focusing on the students & corporate women.

1.Choosing The Suitable Bag :

First of all you need a suitable purse or bag.A bigger one as you will have to keep many items inside it.

You can also check the following link for more bags suitable for different use.

2.Water Bottle :

You may think that mentioning about water bottle is not necessary, i am repeating because intaking a lot of water through out the day is a primary step of having a clear skin.When it comes about bottles, i suggest you use the bottles made of aluminium.

These bottles helps o keep water cool for a long time.Keep a bottle inside your bag all time.

3.Hair combs,Hair Brush & Hair accessories :

When you are out of home for hours, its obvious that hair gets tangles & is not easily manageable.So keep a hair comb or hair brush in your purse all time.

When its come for hair accessories , keep some bobby pins , hair clips & hair bands.So when you need to manage your hair, you will get them ready in your purse.

Keep your hair accessories in a small purse, so that you do not have to search for it.

5.Face wash :

When you are outside, its usual that dust makes your face dirty.So you need to clean your face.

Choose a face wash that has a flip top cap like this. So it will be travel friendly and hygienic.

6.Sunblock / Sunscreen :

As we all know, all the sun protection stays for 2 hours.So after 2 hours you need to reapply your sunscreen or sunblock.So its a must to have it in your purse.

7.Sunglass :

Keep a good sunglass inside your purse.For a day out, your eyes need sun protection.So never step out without sunglass

8.Umbrella :

Buy a nice girlish umbrella for your use.Buy those which can be folded in parts & can be kept in your bag easily.Choose those color which reflect sunlight. 

9.Scarf :

To keep your hair safe from dirts & sunlight, you need to cover your hair.Keep a soft scarf in your purse.

10.Makeup accessories :

First choose a suitable small purse to keep your makeup accessories safe.You can go for this type of small makeup bags

-Compact powder :

If you do a little makeup & to keep your makeup last long, you need to sweep some compact powder after few hours.So keep a Compact powder inside the makeup purse.


Sometimes kajol & liner gets smudged off or if you have washed face, then you need to reapply them .So Keep a kajol & a eyeliner in your purse.Buy those kajol & eyeliner which are waterproof.

-Lipstick,Lipbalm & Lip gloss :

Keep a natural shade lipstick in the purse.You can also keep your favourite shade.
Lipbalm is a must have of your purse.When you feel your lips chapped, just rub your lip balm.
Lipgloss is not mandatory i believe.If you love lipgloss ,then keep one inside the purse.
For day look do not use anything overshiny.

-In the makeup purse, you can keep small shadow palette of natural color.
-You can keep some makeup wipes too.
-You can also keep mascara,blush etc as well.

11.Body spray or Deos :

A lovely lady having a bad body odour, is not acceptable at all.So keep a small body spray, deo in your purse.Whenever you feel for a splash of fragrance, just spray some.

12.Tissue and Napkin:

Tissues are a must have in your bag.You need it any time through out the day.So keep a packet of tissue inside your purse.You can also keep a cotton napkin to dry face and hand after wash.

13.Sanitary Napkins :

Last but not least, Keep a sanitary napkin inside your purse for emergency.Its also a must have of your bag.For a girl, keeping a sanitary napkin for emergency in the bag can't be avoided.

Some tips :

- if you have access sweating problem, you can keep a small baby powder.
-Keep the hair accessories & makeup accessories in different bags , so you do not have to mess up your whole bag to find anything.

Hope, my tips will help you to arrange your regular bag with books,files as well as beauty essentials too.

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