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Some Effective Homemade Hair Mask recipes

Some Effective Homemade Hair Mask recipes

Homemade hair mask is the only thing i trust for my hair.Those who have weak hair roots,should go for homemade hair mask,avoid chemicals for hair as much as possible.

Here are some homemade hair masks recipes.Easy to made & harmless.

1.Yogurt(টক দই) & Egg white Hair mask :

This mask is widely used by women around the world.Egg white is the source of protien for hair root,whereas yogurt clear off dandruff,a great natural hair conditioner.

Ingredients : egg white ( for oily hair ),egg with the yolk ( for dry hair),A cup of yogurt.

How to : Mix the ingredients together.Beat the egg properly.Separate hair strands part by part,apply the mask all over your scalp & hair.Keep the mask for 30 to 40 minutes & then wash off by a shampoo (herbal shampoo).

2.Yogurt (টক দই),Honey & Tea liquor Hair Mask :

Here you should not mix egg with yogurt,egg & honey cant go well on hair.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup yogurt,1/2 cup tea liquor,3 table spoon honey.

How to :  Mix them altogether.Blend them for a fine mixture.The mixture would be runny , dont worry for it.Separate hair strands part by part,apply the mask all over your scalp & hair.Keep the mask for 30 to 40 minutes & then wash off by an shampoo,Use any tropical flavoured like coconut flavoured shampoo like (Suave coconut shampoo).Avoid using conditiner here.After washing hair pour fresh cold tea liquer on wet hair & dry up hair by towel.

3.Banana,honey,almond (বাদাম)& almond oil hair mask :

This hair mask is very good for dry scalp.Suitable for oily scalp too in winter.This hair mask is a good remedy for hair fall.

Ingredients : 1/2 of ripe banana,2 table spoon honey,4 or 5 almond grinded,almond oil.

How to : Mash the banana & mix all the items together.Apply on hair roots & hair strands.Keep it for 1 hour.Wash off & (additional : use any fruit flavoured shampoo ( like farmasi cherry flavoured shampoo)).Do not use conditioner as mask itself is a good source of protien & hair oil.

4.Coconut milk,Coconut oil & amla(আমলকী) Hair mask :

I love this hair mask .This mask suitable for all hair type.This mask is a great source of vitamin C.

Ingredients : 2 or 3 amla,1/4 coconut oil,1/2 cup coconut milk.

How to : Grate coconut finely.Keep them wet in water.After  2 or 3 hours rinse the grated coconuts & get coconut milk.Now take grated amla.Boil the finely grated amla in coconut oil for 10 minutes on stove.Now let the mixture cool down.mix the coconut milk with it.Apply it on hair & roots.Keep it overnight for best result.In the morning wash hair ( By any amla hair shampoo like vatika amla hair shampoo).

5.Neem,Henna(মেহেদি) & Tea liquor  Hair Mask :

This hair mask give a natural shine to the hair.This hair mask also helps to remove head lice.Neem works as an antidotes for head lice.

Ingredients :1 : 1 sundry neem powder & henna powder & Tea liquor.

How to : Sun dry some neem leaves.Make a powder from them.Do the same for henna leaves too.( you can also buy aarong's henna powder ).Mix tea liquor to make a paste.Put the mask on hair for 1 hour.Wash your hair by shampoo ( use a mild shampoo like Himalaya neem shampoo).


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