Friday, March 23, 2012

Aloe Vera & Yogurt Face pack recipe for Oily skin

Aloe Vera & Yogurt Face pack recipe for Oily skin

This face pack reduces oil & as well as pimples from skin.Oily skin beauties can use this face pack everyday.The sour curd/yougurt (টক দই) reduces oil & pimples from skin.Aloe Vera Juice gives skin firmness.

-2 table spoon yogurt
-3 table spoon aloe juice.

How to:

Extract the aloe juice by blending it in juicer.Mix 2 table spoon yogurt with it.Keep it on skin for 20 minutes.Then rinse off by water.For more goodness , rub an ice cube after it.Then apply a mild moisturizer.

Some additional tips :
-keep the curd in refrigerator.
-Do not mix multani clay or sandal wood with this.As the mixture won't be easy to apply, aloe juice will cause clotting of mixture.
-Do not need to mix lemon juice , as the sour curd already contains acid to reduce the oil.
-Apply on face & neck, it also reduces neck darkening.
-Apply this pack on a regular basis.You will surely find your oil balance is in control.
-Not a pack for dry skin.

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