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Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Dry Skin

Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Dry Skin

These Tips are for those who have dry & patchy skin.The red veins are visible under the skin & skin remains all time dry , no matter what the season is, can try these mask to maintain a natural oil balance of face.Combination , normal skin should not try these face packs as these packs contains lot of oil, as a result you may find pimples.

1.Coconut milk,Coconut oil & Grated Coconut Face Mask :

Coconut is a great source of nature's boons.The coconut water , milk & grated coconut everything contains lots of minerals & nutrients.

Ingredients :
1.3 table spoon Coconut oil.
2.2 table spoon coconut milk
3.3 table spoon grated coconut.

How to :

Here you may ask should i use the hair coconut oil ?? yes you can use the hair coconut oil as a face pack ingredient.Grate some coconut , wet them in water overnight.In the morning rinse the grated coconut well & get the coconut milk.Now take the wet grated coconut & mix these 3 ingredients.You can blend the mixture to get a fine mixed pack.
Now apply the mixture on face.keep the pack for 20 to 25 minutes & then wash face.You can wash face by a mild face wash after 1 or 2 hours of washing the pack.Or just wash face with water & press towel on face gently after washing with water to soak the excess oil (do not rub towel).

2.Honey,Milk Cream & Almond face pack :

Ingredients :

1.2 table spoon honey.
2.1 table spoon Milk cream (ঘন দুধ / দুধের সর)
3.2 or 3 almond ( বাদাম) paste.

How to :

Take 2/3 table almond.Make a paste  of the almonds.Mix 2 table spoon honey & 1 table spoon milk cream.Make a paste.Apply on face for 20 minutes. & rinse of by water .Do not wash by face wash.Gently pat dry skin by soft towel.To get the best benefit apply this mask before going to bed.

3.Almond oil,Almond & Honey face pack:

Ingredients :

1.2 table spoon almond oil.
2.4 or 5 almond paste.
3.1 table spoon honey.

How to :
Make a paste of almonds.Mix almond oil &honey.Make a smooth paste.Apply on face for 20 to 30 minutes.Then wash off by water & pat dry.

4.Egg yolk( ডিমের কুসুম) & Sesame oil ( তিলের তেল)/Olive oil  & Flour/gramflour ( ময়দা/বেসন) face pack :

Ingredients :
1.Take 1 egg yolk.
2.1/2 table spoon Sesame oil/Olive oil.
3.1 table spoon Flour/gramflour

How to :

Take the mentioned ingredients.Mix some water to make a smooth paste.Apply on face & wash off by water & pat dry.

5.Banana , Butter & honey face pack :

Ingredients :
1.2 table spoon smashed banana.
2.1/2 table spoon butter.
3.1 table spoon honey.

How to :

Mix all the items.You can use blender to get a smooth paste.Apply on face & keep it for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash off with water .You can use a mild face wash to remove the excess oil.Or just soak the oil with a a towel.

Some additional tips :
-Use this face packs at night or after your everyday work,for relaxing.To get the best benefit of any facial,relaxation is a must.
-If skin feels extremely oily, then use a mild face wash after 1 or 2 hours of washing the pack.
-If you have washed face by a face wash , then apply a moisturizer., otherwise you do not need a moisturizer as the packs will provide oil to your face even after washing.

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