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All about foundation : How To Apply Liquid Foundation - Part 3

All about foundation : How To Apply Liquid Foundation - Part 3

A perfect & smooth base is very much needed for a flawless make up. Take a good amount of time for applying foundation.Make your base perfect otherwise your rest of the makeup will be a mess. 

How to apply liquid foundation : 

Things needed : foam/Sponge or a dense,flat top brush( i use Sigma F80), tissue,liquid foundation.

How to :( by sponge)

1.clean your face well & apply a good moisturizer.( use johnson baby cream a very good moisturizing base for makeup).You can also apply sunblock/suncreen for a day makeup over it.

2.First caution,do not use fingers for foundation application if you are not expert enough.This is the mistake most woman make & they got a uneven finish of foundation.

3.take a makeup sponge.Like this

You may also find sponges of other shapes & sizes,suit yourself with the right sponge.

4.Before applying foundation , slightly damp the sponge by water.

5.Take a little amount on your finger.Put little little dots on all over the face.Like this 

(please do not try to blend by finger).

6.Take the dammped sponge & start blending in a motion ( like horizontally outward or horizontally inward motion, from cheek to ear or from ear to cheek).Use the sponge for blending like this 

7.First blend the nose area vertically.& then the cheek area.Last blend the chin & forehead areas.See the picture below.The picture best describe the right motion of application.

8.For the finishing touch , blend the foundation around the eye area,& the edge area of your face.

9.Take a tissue, press it on face very carefully & soak out the excess foundation.

How to apply liquid foundation ( by brush) :

1.Use a flat topped densed brush for foundation application.

2.Like this 

3.take a small amount of foundation on your wrist & lightly dip the brush in it.

4.Now pat the brush on face starting from your cheeks.

5.Here the best way of application is in a circular motion.

6.Move bristles of brush all over face untill you get a smooth & even finish.

7.The best benefit of this method is , after application there wont be any excess foundation on face.

There's also a 2 sided flat foundation brush like this

This is how it is used ( i do not prefer this brush as this type of brush can't give a smooth finish):

How to use Foundation Brush :

-Pour a small amount of foundation on the hand.
-Dip the brush the tip in the foundation.
-Make some dots of foundation on face.
-Now use the side of the brush to blend the foundation.
-Use broad, downward strokes to sweep and blend the makeup onto the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Some additional tips :

-the tutorials are given based on internet & personal experience.This is the ways most women feel suitable for foundation application.But every person has a different way of comfort.Its better , find your own way of application.Choose brush or sponge which gives a perfect finish.

-While applying foundation,find your own way of starting.Its not mandatory to start from nose area.Its the basic & most common way of foundation appplication.

-Do not forget to apply pressed powder over liquid foundation.

-Not to forget other beauty essentials like lipcolor eye makeup etc.

-Liquid foundation finish will definitely alter skin color.It is its property.You will never get a perfect matching skin colour with liquid foundation,especially for medium skin tonned girls.So application of other makeup essentials is necessary when you apply a liquid fioundation.For fair skinned ladies like blondes , sometimes pressed powder is not necessary.But for Bangladeshi girls skin tone ,pressed powder finish is very much necessary.

-Dont worry about foundation color.As i mentioned in previous post , chooose the one which best tends to your skin.

Liquid foundation is the most common & widely used.Hope i have covered all the info s here.take care <3

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