Thursday, January 5, 2012

Identifying Skin Type & Essential Tips

                                       Identifying Skin Type & Essential Tips

1.Dry Skin Type:
Special Feature of Dry Skin:
-Top layer dry, lack of moisture, peels easily, skin appears flaky
-Skin appears tight with fine lines
-Rough surface, lack of glow and uneven skin tone and pigmentation

Essential Skin Care Tips :
-Avoid using too strong foam based cleanser.
-Use products which help to replenish moisture and minerals
-Use oil based facial mask.

2.Sensitive Skin Type:
Special Feature of Sensitive Skin:

-Thick layer of dead skin, dull looking skin, broken capillaries.
-Skin temperature on the high side with occasional appearance of red spots.
-Skin response to environmental changes, easily prickly and itchy feeling.

 Essential Skin Care Tips :
 -Use products which help to replenish moisture.
-Understanding skin reactive to external products, including cosmetics.
-Avoid harsh environment.
-Avoid face wash contains beads.
-Avoid over scrubbing.

3.Aged Skin Type:
Special Feature of Aged Skin:
-Low secretion from sebum, dehydrate and rough surface
-Skin appears sagging, lack of elasticity and visible wrinkles
-Skin structure appears harden, thick dead skin and uneven skin tone

Essential Skin Care Tips:
 -Avoid frequent fixture of facial expression which may results in permanent facial lines
-Avoid excessive medication and consumption of alcohol
-Appropriate replenish of nutrients and Allantoin
-Maintain moisture, improve metabolism and absorption ability

4.Oily Skin Type:
Special Feature of Oily Skin:

 -Uneven skin texture, diluted pores
-Over secretion of sebum, large pores and blackheads and comodones
-Thick dead cells, results in tired skin and easily breakout

Essential Skin Care Tips:
 -Thorough cleansing, eliminates excess sebum and impurities and prevents clots.
-Balance sebum secretion and maintain moisture.
-Use water based face mask.


  1. Wow........ We must really know about the type of our skin. As the post shows the magnificent information about the skin type. The essential features of this source are really knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing.


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