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New spring trend Fuchsia Lipcolor : How to wear Fuchsia Lips??Difference between fuchsia & hot pink

New spring trend : Fuchsia Lipcolor : How to wear Fuchsia & Pink Lipcolor??Difference between fuchsia & hot pink

In the upcoming spring Fuchsia lipcolor is going to a big trend. Applying this lipcolor isnt as tricky as red lipcolor,but wrong wearing can ruin the whole look.Some mix up fuchsia with hot pink colour,but they are not same one.Fuchsia is more purple based and hot pink is more pink.Heres 2 pictures 1.Fuchsia 2.Hot pink

See pink & fuchsia enhances beauty of every skin colour :

-First keep your makeup simple. Especially when you are wearing this with a daytime look.

-Along the same lines, be sure not to overdo it with the blush. Too much pink on your face isn’t going to be a good look for anyone! If you do wear blush, try selecting a nude color.

-Do not wear bright pink blush with this color,wear peach or brown based blush with this lipcolor.

-Between fuchsia & hot pink.Fuchsia goes great with a day look.Hot pink goes great with a night look.

- Black, white, dark navy blue clothes.Do not wear hot pink,bright yellow or orange,brick red clothes with fuchsia or hot pink,if you have dark skin then never wear bright  hot pink with this lipcolor.

-Wear brown or baby pink eyeshadow with brown or black liner & mascara.Do not use blue or green shades on eyes.Do not wear shimmer on eyes.But you can highlight the eyes if you are on for a night look.

-Avoid coloured eyeliner & mascara.

-In overall makeup try to avoid shimmer.

-For an emo look use black using kohl pencil on eyes.Do not overdo.

-Brown based smokey eyes loook good with this colour.

-For funky look,wear beaded jewelleries,bangles with this color.You can glam yourself up with pink purse too.

-For an elegant night look,wear this lipcolor with black.Do not wear excess gold.

-You can wear baby pink clothes with this lip color.

Heres a picture of rihanna.This makeup with fuchsia lipcolor perfect for day look :

Heres a picture of kim kardashian ,perfect makeup with fuchsia lipcolor for an elegant night look -

Here's my Pink Lipcolor look 

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