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How to contour Nose

How to contour Nose

Makeup is not only limitted in sequential application.The makeup beauty also lies in shaping up the face.Shaping face or contouring is a tricky part of applying makeup,just a lit bit of practice can help to give a nice full look.

Why you need contouring ??

-To shape up nose,like wide nose will look thin.

Things needed : 
                         1. darker shade of foundation
                         2.lighter shade of foundation ( this is the foundation colour you are gonna use for rest of the face's base makeup)
                         3.darker shade of pressed powder.
                         4.lighter shade of pressed powder( this is the face powder you will apply all over the face)
                         5.A angled makeup brush.
                         6.Makeup sponge
you can buy Contouring kit which contain different types of cream foundation in a kit.In bangladesh its not available ,you will have to contour by foundation.

How to slim down a wide nose / contouring nose :

1. the basic principle of this use a lighter shade foundation on the bridge of your nose & darker shades on the side of the bridge of your nose.

2. see the picture :

3.Begin by applying the darker shade of foundation on either side of the bridge of your nose with the makeup brush.

4.Using the makeup brush, extend down each side of your nose, starting from the eyebrow and ending at the side of the nostril.

5.Create a line of dark color down each side of your nose. Blend outward towards your cheek, under the eye, and around your nostril to make it look as natural as possible.

6.Apply a thin line of the lighter shade of foundation down the bridge of your nose with the makeup brush. Begin between your eyebrows and extend all the way down to the tip of your nose.

7.Softly brush the lighter color towards the contoured, darker sides of your nose to prevent any sharp lines. However, be careful not to lighten the contoured areas.

8.The bridge of your nose is the area that gets hit by light first, and, therefore, applying a lighter shade of foundation will draw attention to the slimmer part of your nose.

9.Apply the darker face powder to give smooth finish.

10.Then apply the lighter pressed powder all over the face leaving lines of contoured area.

11.Use a brush to match down the dark & light matching lines of makeup.

12.Blending is the key.Blend untill you get a smooth & natural finish.

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