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How to do hair spa at home

                                         How to do HAIR SPA at home 

With every second person worried for dryhair, hair fall and thin hair, hair spa is more essential than ever. Hair spa twice a month not only  nourishes the hair but also enriches them, making them stronger, helps in regaining the shine and the length. Since everyone of us are pressed for time and taking out time to visit a salon is not possible all the time, we can make a hair spa routine at home.

How many times should i do hair spa in a month??

Here you can do this twice or thrice in a month depending on your daily routine & stress.If you have to go out alot for work on daily basis then do this home spa treatment twice or thrice in a month,you can do it even once in a week when you are on a busy schedule.If you are not on busy schedule,hair is not facing pollution ,dust etc,then do this treatment twice in a month.

Should i use natural hair care ingredients or company products ??

Here i would suggest to use them alternating one by one.If you are a bit free from daily work & routine sure go for home & natural ingredients.If you are on a busy schedule then go for company products.In a monthly basis,If you are doing twice in a month,then use natural ingredients first,then when next time you are doing hair spa,go for company products.

What are the steps of hair spa :
1.Oil massage
2.Shampooing by a mild shampoo
3.Hair mask
4.Washing again by a mild shampoo
5.Deep conditioning.
6.Hot towel or steaming hair
8.Conditioning ( of the range of same shampoo mentioned in no.6)

If you are using a hair spa kit or chemical deep conditioners then follow steps -1,7,8 & then step no - 5.If your kit contains hair serum,then after the deep conditioning ,use the hair serum on towel dry hair & you are done with hair spa treatment.

Those who are using natural ingredients for hair spa,follow steps -1 to 8 one by one.

1.Oil massage :

Ingredints : 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, 1 table spoon almond oil( Well's almond oil very good, fragrance free & available at all good stores),1 table spoon coconut milk( wet grated coconut & press & rinse well for getting coconut milk).Many suggestions will tell you to warm the oil mixture.But when you warm oil like extra virgin olive oil & almond oil,you actually destroy the good ingredients.(use warm coconut oil for daily hair care ,not for spa treatment ).

How to : Massage your scalp with this oil mixture. Do not massage too hard since it will do more bad than any good and will result in hair fall. Oil massage with finger tip softly is the best way since it helps in improving the blood circulation in the hair follicles.keep the oil on hair for 30 mins.As its a spa you need relaxations,tune up your favourite slow music.Another way of relaxing is ,put a cool face mask on face ,put 2 cucumber on eyes,listen your fav beats & relax.

2.Shampooing by a mild shampoo:

Ingredients : Johnson baby shampoo,or any herbal shampoo ( a herbal shampoo i prefer available @ AARONG ,another one i also liked MEENA herbal's AMLA shampoo)

How to : Mix the shampoo in a good amount of water,make enough bubbles.Now shampoo your hair,so that all of your hair will become perfectly oil free.Now leave the hair open to dry partially , and go for step 3.

3.Hair mask :

This step is different for types of hair.You can check out other hair mask recipes & suit yourself with them.Here is the step of using company products.You can use hair mask or cream products in this step like dove hair mask or loreal cream bath.I am giving some well known hair mask or cream products

Here i want to say that ,you may find many instructions behind the pack of your hair mask.Just follow the following steps of this post after applying the hair mask.Keep the hair mask remain on your hair as the company saying .
Heres some other natural hair mask you can go for ( i like this way ,the natural one) .

Some natural hair mask recipes are :

Dry and frizzy
Dry hair can be treated well using a banana hair pack. Mash a banana and mix with it one tablespoon (tbsp) honey and one tbsp lime juice. Mix everything together till you get a creamy texture.Apply the paste on to your hair, especially focusing on the roots.

Damaged and abused
For hair that is really unhealthy and been through too many hot iron pressings, make a pack that will soothe and cool the scalp.In a bowl, mix two egg yolks with one egg white, juice of one lemon and a few drops of honey. Make a paste and apply it  on the hair. Leave it on for half an hour.

Oily and greasy
Take an egg white and apply evenly to your hair, without mixing it with anything else. Leave it till for 30 mins.

The following recipes are for all ( they are mild and yet helpful ) :

Egg and Oil Hair Mask

Make a well beaten mixture of 2 eggs and 6 spoonfuls of coconut oil. Whisk it thoroughly to get a smooth mixture. Apply this mixture on scalp with the help of fingers. The heat produced by the friction of fingers while massaging would help the oil penetrate deep into the scalp thus, nourishing the hair.

Banana and Milk Hair Mask

Mix one mashed banana with one beaten egg, 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of milk and 5 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all together thoroughly to get a smooth mixture. Apply it evenly all over the head ..

4.Washing again by a mild shampoo :

Now on a average of 30 to 45 mins later after applying hair mask ,rinse off by using baby or mild shampoo as i said in the step no.2.

5.Deep conditioning :

This step is for dry hair,damaged hair,rebounded permed or curled & coloured hair.If yours hair is excessively oily & healthy enough,you should skip this step.

How to : Apply the deep conditioner on hair by separating hair parts & parts.Do not apply the conditioner on root.The excessive chemicals might harm .Keep conditioners 1 inch away from hair root.Keep the conditioner on hair for 20 mins & then wrap your hair  by hot towel as mentioned in no.6.

heres a short note about why you need deep conditioning : All the hair strands have three layers; deep conditioning affects the outer layer of the hair which is called cuticle. When hair becomes dry and frizzy this outer layer tends to get apart from the other two layers. Deep conditioning helps to join the cuticle to the hair shaft and give a smooth and shiny look to the hair. It can add strength to your hair until they grow and are long enough to cut off. If you are looking for a deep conditioner, learn to read the labels properly. If a label says that leave the product for 5 minutes in the hair then it is not a deep conditioner. Look out for products which says that a plastic wrap should be used on it while it is working and the product should be left on the hair for more than 10 minutes to anywhere for 20-25 minutes depending on the severity of damage.

Heres some deep conditioners :

If your hair is free from colour & any chemical, healthy  then you should go for natural ones :

Mayonnaise and Honey Hair Mask as Deep Conditioner :

Take half a cup of mayonnaise and mix it well with two tablespoons of honey & 3 table spoon of olive oil. Use a blender to whip it into a smooth cream like form. Apply generously all over the hair , but not on the root.

6.Hot towel or steaming hair :

After applying conditioner you need to wrap your hair by warm towel for steaming hair.

How to : Dip a cotton cloth or a towel in warm water and squeeze it to remove excess water. Now wrap it around the hair for about 15 minutes. You can repeat this after the cloth cools down.Use just warm water not hot water.

7.Shampooing :

Shampoo your hair now not by a mild shampoo.Here use good protien & vitamin rich shampoo like dove,pantene,sunsilk or hollywood style.

8.Conditioning :

Here use the following conditioner of your shampoo 's range .

Now you are done with your home hair spa treatment .
some additional tips :

1.let anyone else to oil massage your scalp.
2.Do not mix vitamin e cap with oil.(the vitamins wont penetrate in your hair root in this short time )
3.As mild shampoo i prefer johnson baby shampoo,as this process requires shampooing for 3 times.Excess shampooing can cause dryness.
4.I do not like to deep conditioning by chemical products.Use the mayonnaise as deep conditioner.
5.Relax all the time.

Hope you will enjoy your very own home hair spa.<3

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